A Koreatown Apartment Window

I had never touched the screen to my bathroom window. My fingers became quickly caked with dirt and I excitedly struggled to pop this screen off to peer outside my apartment on the third floor, the only side and floor that gets a view above the apartment next to it.

An archaic stone cathedral dominates the center of the view. Next to it, an abnormally placed skyscraper sits without any urban accompaniment. A couple of tall trees built by man envelope these two structures and suddenly, this “cityscape” becomes a representation of the way the rest of Los Angeles is mapped out.

Every morning and night, this view welcomes me but this time in particular, it is marked by hazy yet deep shades of orange, pink, lavender and blue, all seamlessly embedded into one another. These hues flood my window, the entire picture becoming one big, beautiful cinematic moment that I simply can’t experience with a window screen muddling it.

I stand in my tub, shampoos and razor pushed to another shelf.

I take a deep breath in, look out, and breath out a pleasure sigh.

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