El Ten Eleven @ The Constellation Room January 24th, 2013: A Night of Standing


Photo Courtesy of Adrian Garcia

Originally published to KUCI Events Blogspot

El Ten Eleven made a local stop at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana on January 24 as part of their Winter Tour 2013, promotional for their October 2012 release, Transitions. Nestled next to The Observatory, the duo managed to gather up a fairly large crowd despite the neighboring Led Zeppelin Tribute show. This, somehow, gave them the mindset that it was permissible for them to leave fans sitting through two opening acts lasting close to three hours before they finally made their appearance. However, it still proved to be a great performance, various lights and cinematic accompaniment overall creating an intense ambiance that allowed fans to truly immerse themselves in the post-rock stylings of Tim Fogarty and Kristian Dunn. Dunn was continuously switching from double neck to single neck guitars, adding to the talent that that two clearly displayed throughout the two hour set. Dunn had a respectable on-stage presence, regularly thanking the audience for being there and creating an energy that demanded their attention. Fogarty, on the other hand, decided to lie back and let Dunn do the talking, but that didn’t stop him from pounding on his drums and playing with the synthesizer as if his life depended on it. Together, they established a consistent rthymn with each other that one could tell they had worked on for years to develop. The night was a success, and every song from Transitions to Jumping Frenchmen of Maid (cinematic accompaniment involving fight scenes from old movies set the mood for this one) was performed at full throttle. I definitely lost track of what point in their songs we’d be at during certain moments, but the red-headed, lanky groupie dancing his heart away reminded me, in a way, that it did not really matter. It was what was playing right in that moment that mattered.

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